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a guy from church...

Friday, January 6, 2017
... is a friend who has been struggling with employment for some time. A really nice guy, who has seen some rough places in recent years, has one of the best 'hard luck' stories, if there is any way you can apply the word 'excellent' to a long convoluted tale of woe. I met him when we were volunteering as behind the scenes workers at a Christian retreat center up in Harris County. Organizers like to call the people who make the events successful 'servants' rather than worker bees, as we 'serve' doing lots of undesirable/unpleasant tasks while being invisible.

I had been on the retreat the previous year, and had the 'fever', desire of wanting to be a part of such a unique, gratifying experience. J. and I were bumbling around helping out in the kitchen: a pretty big undertaking, completely run by free labor, who do all the work to prepare and serve three meals a day to fifty or sixty people over a three day weekend.  Assigned to the kitchen, which is probably where everyone starts, until they find their niche. As we worked, talked, interacted, got to know the old-timers/more experienced helpers, we found our church membership as a commonality.

J. hit some really bumpy places in his personal life, at odds with family members, and was sadly outnumbered. Resulting in J. being locked up on a peace warrant for months.  I wrote him cards and notes with words of encouragement, Sunday comics, accompanied by 3 x5 cards with Bible verses to ponder, or amusing quotes to provide a laugh. He eventually got out, after spending weeks incarcerated, when the judge decided it was all too frivolous and superficial to waste the courts' time pursuing. With no job, no home, no means of support, lots of debt. A bad place to be in, in a society that judges by appearance, possessions, income.

We have remained casual friends, seeing each other occasionally at on Sunday mornings. He has struggled with employment, currently without work. Will be going back to a job he found after he was released, but is menial. He has a great attitude, willing to work, But just cannot seem to find the place he is supposed to be.

I called him recently to ask about meeting for lunch. We sat in BK and talked for nearly two hours today. Before I left, I told him my only new years' resolution is to have lunch every week with someone who makes me laugh  - and today was his Lucky Day. I don't know if his history creates problems, or maybe age is something that employers are surreptitiously considering.  I do know he is a good guy, who might have made some poor decisions, but hope that the past is not going to continue to haunt him in the future.

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