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needing a cypher......

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
... someone who can help me understand the meaning of a dream I had overnight. I rarely remember any dreams, so the ones I do recall upon awaking seem to be meaningful. I've read that everyone of us dream at night, when we tune down busyness of the day. That the subconscious takes an active role in our heads during those times we are not trying to process information, and leaving brain cells free to wander at will.

I had a dream about my obstreperous auntie. She asked  me for help. Which in it self is quite unusual, as she called the police about me again. This is the second call I have had from the police department, asking me what is going on with her, and telling me I need to keep my distance. She reportedly continues to worry that about me coming in her house - to the point that she got the locks re-keyed on her doors, again. Sadly, within twenty-four hours, she had locked herself in the house. Calling the locksmith to come and rescue her.

The dream was about her needing me to assist with delivering some cards/notices she had written. I got the list of addresses and started writing them on the cards, to get them ready to take to different people. But when I looked at the ones she had written: they were, as I should have known, illegible. You could not read her handwriting, as has been the case for some time. It literally looked like scribbles. Some had names and streets, the first two lines of an address, but no town or state, so you had no idea where the recipient lived, even if you could decipher their names and street of residence.

And naturally, she got angry when I pointed out that I could not read her handwriting. She had asked for my help, I found I could not do what she asked. And she got furious with me for pointing out that no one could decipher what she had put on the cards. I'm wondering what all this means? She currently so mad at me she does not communicate - but the last correspondence I received, most recent notes she mailed to me - I did not even open. It would so try my last shred of patience to try to figure out what she was attempting to write, it was healthier/better to not even make the effort.

I will ponder on this today, and hope for clarity. Wondering if she really does need help, and the dream was some sort of communication that I should respond to?

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