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just gettng home...

Sunday, January 22, 2017
...and starting the washer after spending two nights and all day on Saturday with Girl Scouts.  They were older girls, still interested enough in scouting to devote their weekend to going to the camp in middle Georgia (literally in the middle of the state a few miles west of Macon). About half and half middle schoolers and high school girls for a total of thirty. With plenty of moms who were troop leaders to provide transportation and supervision: not needed - they were all good kids!

The theme of the weekend event was 'Reality Check'.  Everything was planned around what the girls would need to know as they move from parental guidance to independence, transitioning to high school and beyond. Out into the world of higher education or employment/self-sufficiency. Speakers  talked with the group about how banks work, opening checking and savings accounts, dreaded reconciling statements with check register, credit vs debit cards. The process of searching out and applying for college funding. Basic car care like checking fluids and changing a tire. Simple tools and how to use them: screwdrivers, hammers, saws, levels. A really neat workshop where the girls were given scenarios for families and talked about income, expenses, dependents, what it is like to live in the real world. The value and necessity for diversity and tolerance in our lives.

Staff from local council offices planned the program, arranged speakers, provided resources. As well as the meals we had while we were there. They did an amazing job with all the logistical parts of the program. Plus the addition of some really scary weather predicted as heading our way. The conference center was designed with a space that would withstand a storm. It rained most of the weekend, with possible high winds/tornadoes likely, so the leaders prepared adults for a worst case scenario of rousting girls at night to get them into a safe place if needed. Tornadoes all over Georgia this weekend, but nothing where we were out there in the woods.

Though saturated with torrential rains, it was a good, interesting weekend. I hope to attend more events for older girls, to get to know some of them. Which would provide an opportunity where I might encourage  them to propose, plan and succeed with setting Gold Award goals.

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