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trying to figure it out...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
...by watching YouTube. Which is what my brother said his adult boys do when they need info., instead of calling their dad for advice. My bafflement is trying to decipher how the 'enviroscape' goes together. I've actually viewed a couple, one that is strictly assembly instructions and another when a guy is doing a demo. at a street fair type event.

This 3-D plastic gizmo is about three feet square. Comes in a hard plastic case, as there are many small parts that could get lost, or heisted by sticky-fingered youngsters envious of livestock, little buildings similar to Monopoly. Plus a variety of substances to use for explaining the water cycle, demonstrate how easily we can inadvertently contribute to the pollution of our drinking water: colored sugar (like you would use to decorate cookies), sprinkles, oatmeal, shredded paper (obviously trash), cocoa powder that turns into sludge when you add water. All of which go down the streams, into the river, and lake when you spray the various substances with a water spritzer. Turning colors, or into gooey stuff, being nasty like pollution actually is.

The little quickie demonstration I got at the County Agent's office was with the staffer who manages the 4-H and other youth programs. She showed me all the parts, and a speedy run through of how to use it. I will have to do some more 'research' (you-tubing), to try to get a handle on it. Then open the case and assemble all the little parts to practice my spiel. 

When the county agent asked for a volunteer a couple of weeks ago, we all sat on our hands. So she sent out an email, seeking help. None of us were experienced, or have any training to use the materials. I thought to myself: 'how difficult can that be?' Literally saying "I think I am still smarter than a fifth grader", though it has been years since I spent any time around one to know if they can out fox me as I age. I responded to the email with 'if you will show me, I am sure I can do that.' So I will.

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