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'back door' weather alert...

Sunday, January 8, 2017
... being announced too late to be of any value. The story started Saturday morning. I had been up for a while, dressed and puttering around, drinking something warm, while sitting here typing. The Man Who Lives Here came down the hall, fully dressed, ready to start his day and sat down across the table from me. He was putting on layers to go out and get in his vehicle, so I asked him about his hat. A little red, knitted toboggan he could pull down over his ears, but he seems to not do that. (I know he would be even harder to talk to if he did, as it would be even more difficult for him to hear if his ears were covered.)

He reported that his hat was in the car, and  he would put it on when  he went outside. Then he said: 'do you know  how cold it is out there?' It was likely about 8:00 a.m., so had warmed up considerably from the overnight low. I did not care, or want to know. But he so obviously wanted to tell, so I asked. He gleefully reported that the current outdoor temperature was 27 degrees. This from the Man Who Loves to Fret About the Weather. I said: 'wow'.

He went on about his business, headed out to get underway. I walked out to the car, as he was starting and said: 'It doesn't work if you don't put it on your head'. He said: 'Oh'. And proceeded to root around amongst the front seat clutter and find his little red knit cap to apply to his head. Then I said: 'The only thing you are allowed to say about the weather in the future is 'Man! I sure am glad I don't live in Pennsylvania!' Nothing else, not a word."

He was still in bed this morning when I left to go to work, so I do not have a report on what the temperature was like today.  He is sitting here now, in front of the tv, with a new knit cap on. I found at JCP when I went yesterday looking for some gloves to replace the ones I bought him before that mysteriously vanished. This cap is the epitome of warm: lined with fleece. I suspect anyone else wearing it would eventually break out in a sweat, rip it off, and throw across the room. But he might find it so useful he will wear it to bed.

There was ice on places where water runs in the parking lot at church when I went about 9:30. I am sure it has warmed up enough with bright sunshine to melt any lingering slick patches. But it is plenty cold out there, even with it being a clear, beautiful sunny day.

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