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what IS that...

Monday, January 16, 2017

... you will ask when you see the photo? Now baffled into wonderment as to why it is a topic that is blog-worthy when you read on. The answer to the question is remarkably simple, but after more information you will still be stalled in the wondering stage of asking: why?

Start with the premise that old people do not sleep well. We will all eventually get to the point where we wake at two o'clock and wonder 'is it time to get up?' Or take sleep inducing drugs on a regular basis in self defense. I take drugs. Over the counter stuff I found at wallyworld that seems to work pretty well. Going to bed early due to exhaustion from a long day at work, or just being miserably cold is to my detriment. But if either of those things occur: cold or tired, I fall in too early even though I know better.

I don't want to take the generic form of benadyrl as I do not care for the side effects. After reading lots of labels, I found something similar, and actually even cheaper than the store brand of benadryl. I cannot buy in quantity, so the package has only has 32. In order to not have to go every month for more, when I get there I will buy three or four packages: only $4 each, enough to last a while, as I take it every night.

It used to come in boxed, with two foil blister packs, but now the box has a small plastic child-proof bottle. And in the bottle with 32 little blue pills rattling around in the bottom, is a two inch long piece of cotton. I combined all four into one bottle, and had four pieces of cotton I was going to put in the trash. And thought: I could put it out on a bush in the backyard for bird-nesting material. You are seeing shreds of cotton I draped across twigs for the song birds. All those feathered friends who have found my bird feeder. Hope they will notice the shreds of cotton batting and use to build their little nests and raise a crop of birdies to make more songs.

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