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"we're not lost...

Friday, January 27, 2017
...we just don't know where we are." A quote often heard by my progeny in their younger years. When I would veer away from the familiar into the unknown. Perhaps taking a short-cut, as opposed the better know route when we were traveling. Or deliberately going some place we had never been, causing anxiety as to how we would find our way back home by bedtime.

I remember once traveling across north Florida on the way to the beach in the Gulf Coast. And two little people in the backseat fretfully questioning me when I stopped to peruse the large multi-fold state-issued road map. Obviously in the pre-GPS/electronic guidance era, when you would periodically have to consult the actual paper map in an effort to determine the best route for arriving at the desired destination. Whereupon I made the now oft-quoted statement: "we're not lost, we just don't know where we are". Which is synonymous with the more modern equivalent: 'I got this'.

All a preface to saying my credit card purchase was just recently denied. Apparently because the card service provider did not know I am me. This same very awkward thing has happened to me in the past. When I would generously and thoughtfully want to be the one to pick up the tab when dining with friends or family. Handing my card to the waitstaff and have it returned, with the info. that the charge has been declined. Embarrassing.

Making me look irresponsible, like a person who does not pay debts, and has an ongoing problem with financial woes. Mortifying to have other people witness the declining and have the idea of me as incapable of sound financial management - I am never overdrawn or short on funds. I readily confess to being severely, tragically mathematically handicapped, but have been solvent since my dad stopped paying my way in the world.

We will have to assume the credit service staff simply is not aware of my meandering, random travels. Causing me to give them a call, and pass the test of remembering the secret word, agreeing to recent charges and persuading them that I am me. The card is not stolen, mis-used, or confiscated by ill-bred pirates. 'I'm not lost, they just do not know where I are.'

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