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it was not unexpected...

Friday, January 6, 2017
...but still aggravating. I have been putting in lots of hours at work since before Thanksgiving, as much (or possibly more) as my weary feets could tolerate. Due to co-workers trying to use up the last bits of vacation time, out sick, out in left field, wandering in the wilderness, dealing with family members health issues.Resulting in unintentionally providing me with the opportunity to work more than usual, and get a much nicer paycheck. Which I should have been socking away for hard times, as they are a 'comin'....

It is true, and appears to have come to a screeching halt: this coming week, starting on Saturday, I am on the schedule for five hours. For the entire week. I sorta' knew it would happen, as this same thing occurred last January. The 'labor budget' has been drastically whacked store-wide, and trickled down to effect me, sitting here in the dark at the bottom of the totem pole. I work at the convenience of the manager, often on a whim. Meaning, generally trying to be flexible/available to be able to show up as needed so I might work more.

Otherwise providing me with days on end to putter around the house, lunch with friends. Opportunity to move forward on those resolutions I recycled from last January.  I see no point in having to invent up new ones, when the ones from 2016 are still unused and perfectly valid.

I was telling someone today that having a lot of free time in the next few weeks will hopefully inspire me to search out some substitute teaching work. Even though right now, I am at such a great distance from the idea of spending a day or ten in a classroom with sneezing, drippy coughing, whiny kids I cannot imagine doing it.Plus it takes weeks and weeks before the pay arrives - so long that I usually forgotten what it is for!  Not sure why I signed on to do the work, but will give it a try and see  how it goes

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