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maybe next year...

Friday, January 20, 2017
...will be the time when this great idea will come to fruition on a local basis: I just read on a garden website that Jan. 28 is National Seed Sharing Day. I assume it is on some universal calendar for the last Saturday in January. Which would be a great time to get some seeds, allowing you to start them in a cold frame or green house. To be ready to go in your garden or landscaping when the weather is conducive for outdoor transplants. What a fun idea! Especially for anyone who finds good therapy in gardening, pulling weeds, digging holes, rearranging landscaping, or just enjoying the great glorious sun-shine-y outdoors. That would be me, finding all of the above gratifying.

I am not volunteering to be that individual who will do the organizing to promote/plan and pull off such an event, but already thinking of ideas to contribute to make it more amusing and successful. Actually not original with me, but still: having a 'food truck' come and help celebrate, even if they do not have any seeds to share. The one I read about in the article about national events, being someplace far away from middle GA, was called the 'Cluckwagon', offering chicken sandwiches. Having a table set up with cups, potting soil, fast-germinating seeds like beans for kids to plant something for a taking home. People who would provide advice about soil and offer bags to collect samples and send in for testing home gardens.

I am hopeful to use my lobbying skills in promoting the idea of a day of sharing the beginnings of new life. Enough to inspire someone in my circle of gardening friends who will join with me in deliberately coming together with other like-minded diggers to devote a day in the drab, dreary January to proliferating. As well as just coming together to do that other thing on my list of resolutions for this newly begun year: laugh over lunch.

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