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bird feeding...

Monday, January 9, 2017
...with the new purchase from wallyworld when I went shopping today. It was 'way more expensive than I expected, and I did not get what I was really looking for, but really wanted one. Of course, when you have a feeder, you also have to purchase seeds to go in it.

I received a feeder Christmas a year ago, along with seeds to put in it.  Already had a metal hook to mount it on, and enjoyed watching the little feathered fowl flitting around when I would remember to put the seeds out. It was such good entertainment, I decided I should have another one so used my gift card from Santa,  and gave it to me for a Christmas present. I've already put it out, after spilling copious amounts of seed on the driveway while filling. Do not think they have found it yet, but hope they will soon - and enjoy the beneficence of eating at the buffet.

I remember sitting here typing back in the summer, watching birds play in water. They immediately discovered fresh water after I had filled a basin  for small critters. It was so amusing seeing birds having glorious fun splashing and splattering. I will get another shallow container to put out for more water, someplace close to the new feeder, and welcome feathered friends to my yard.

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