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gift from a co-worker...

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
...received before Christmas. M. is very sweet, has a cooperative spirit, is a joy to work with, and some one I like very much. I did not expect a gift from her, and was surprised to receive a big wrapped box. I knew it was a 'throw', as the big box was very light, and kinda squishy. I did not open it until Christmas Day, when we got home from family fun and lunch in Decatur.

You know how I go to the library and check out cheezy, crummy or weird DVD's to view movies at home. It is the only 'tv' I watch, as I do not care to devote my time to mastering skills necessary to operate all the remotes needed to get it started. Every week or so, I will go back to the library and peruse the holdings, make selections, and bring home an assortment. Seven is all they allow at one time, but it usually takes two weeks to see them all due to: going to bed too early, meetings at night, someone being a tv hog when there is a ball game on, etc.

When I opened the box with that wonderfully warm, snugly, fuzzy throw, we had a movie to watch. I sat down on the couch, covered up and got settled. I was asleep within minutes. The next few times I got myself all situated, with feet propped up and blanket tucked in, the same thing happened. I told M. about how that warm cozy throw seemed to be saturated in some mysterious chemical that was sleep-inducing.

It even works in the daytime. I recently went in earlier than early (usually at 6, but at 5 one morning) and was worn out by the time I got home in the early afternoon, on my feets for many hours. And laid down on the couch to rest my weary bones. Covered up with that friendly fuzzy throw, in the bright daylight, and was asleep in minutes. It is all very mysterious. Now I am wondering if it has been soaked in chamomile tea, that is supposed to help produce restful rest? Or imbued with melatonin that has sleep inducing qualities? Every time I sit down, get comfortable and securely wrapped, tidily tucked in, it happens. I am so relaxed, the blanket so snuggly, I am making zzzz's.

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