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lookin' like a dork...

Sunday, January 29, 2017
...and feeling my family would disown me when they see my current state of goofiness. I do not have or want a purse, causing me to hope to keep all the basic necessities in my pockets, with varying levels of success. Depending on factors like how far afield I might wander, weather, mode of travel, co-conspirators.

But there is so much stuff in my pockets I devote excessive amounts of time digging around in there, trying to get my hand on what I want. There is a folding pocket knife, and a small tin of lip gloss. (Be careful about that knife: wary of TSA scanners, courthouse bailiffs, metal detectors upon entry into public buildings.) And a ring with lots of stuff on it. A goodly number of those little plastic tabs with bar codes used to scan for preferred customer benefits: discounts, rewards, etc. And actual keys (some to who knows what?) Plus the black fob that opens and starts the Toyota - you won't get anywhere without that.

I thought I could put the clunky key ring on a carabiner and attach it to my belt loop, freeing up pocket space, while still having everything handy. Then I decided: it looks too doofus. One step below plastic pocket protectors. Or like the guys who have a chain attached to their wallet on one end and pants on the other, wearing leather jackets. And multiple home-made tats across their knuckles.

But today, at work, I saw several people, who otherwise give the impression of being relatively normal, with their keys on a belt loop. It is not often that I give a second thought to appearances, but I did not want my family to think this would be the deciding factor. Have them say that seeing me wearing my key ring would be grounds for putting me away.

I've decided I don't care. Goofy it is. If you think I need to be tucked away, secured,  someplace safe, please be sure they keep me clean and fed.

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francinasanders said...

You can come stay with me and I'll help you find your marbles

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