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watching old, crummy movies...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
...along with a few good ones I have been checking out and bringing home from the library. The one we viewed last night was probably the worst (though there were some that were so bad, we did not actually watch more than ten or so minutes before hitting the reject button.) I don't watch tv for several reasons, one being it is so dang complicated to operate it requires three remotes. Not something I want to devote my limited supply of patience to mastering. Plus The Man Who Lives Here is so short on that particular trait, we would likely come to blows, then I would be tossing the telly out the door.

The one we viewed last night was "11.22.63" starring James Franco, who was poorly cast, and Chris Cooper who did an excellent job of playing a grizzled curmudgeon. It might be worth watching as a prime example of something remarkably awful. The plot revolved around time travel.  If you are old enough, that date stands out in your memory as the day JKF was assassinated in Dallas. Franco's goal was, as you might expect. to change history. The most bizarre part was how the movie ended, but didn't - several times. The credits would roll, then the story line would pick up again. I finally went to bed, giving up on it ever coming to a real conclusion.

I can check out a maximum of seven from the library,and usually do. Finding some that I have already seen, and some that might/not be worth looking at. But when there is no cost involved and you can get them for seven days, often worth a trip. I've found some older ones I liked so much I know I would watch again, and some taht were so bad we ejected after ten minutes. The price is still good, as long as I can remember to recheck or get them back before fines kick in.

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