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buying tires...

Monday, January 2, 2017
...not me. I am happy to Not spend my hard earned funds on replacing the tires on my little Toyota. The Man Who Lives Here reports he needs to buy new tires for his vehicle, and does not want to spend in the neighborhood of $1200 for a set of four. I am thinking: Holy Cow! Doesn't that seem like a whopping lot for tires?

It has been a couple of years since I bought four, and it seems like I spent around eighty bucks for four back then. Which is a whopping lot, especially after adding on the balancing and a synthetic oil change. But I cannot imagine being willing to pay three hundred dollars for a tire, and multiplying by four!

When I was at my friendly neighborhood tire store in December, due to needing another oil change, I read a poster about tire purchases. Making me discover the whole world doe  not feel the necessity (or pressure from the tire salesman) to put four new tires on a vehicle at one time. You actually can only buy two. This never occurred to me before I read the sign, describing why you would put the new ones with better treads on the back, to insure good traction in bad weather. I was surprised to think that there are people out there who would not feel called upon to get a complete set. Wow.

I am also surprised  that there are people in the world who will not shop around for the best price. The Man Who Lives Here is a prime example. He has been using the same business for over thirty years to get oil changed, routine maintenance and purchase new tires for family vehicles. He feels like they do a good job, are trustworthy and are available when he needs them. All true - which is how you build a reputation. Does not mean you have the best price. It takes so little effort, especially when comparison shopping on the internet to check around. I am baffled as to why The Man Who Lives Here will not make the effort to look around, ask questions, get the best price when the necessity arises.

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