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decided, un-decided, re-decided...

Thursday, January 12, 2017
... about making New Year's resolutions. My first thought was: don't do it. My second was maybe. The third was: be sure you can accomplish it! Make certain it is 'do-able'.I can vaguely recall the time I first heard about them. As a youngster when my mom sat my brother and I down telling us we should write some down. I had no idea what she was talking about. I assume she explained, and we responded in an appropriate manner. And that we did not hear the sound of a belt whipping through the belt loops of my dad's trousers as result of failure...

I realize now that those things we make note of are no more than pipe dreams, things we would wish to change in our lives. Operative word in the preceding sentence is 'wish', meaning it may never come to fruition. Projects we propose to undertake when we have more time or motivation, along the lines of 'get organized' or 'loose ten pounds'. Does seeing them written on a piece of paper make them more valid, or the writer more likely to follow through?

I had several things I made notes about (unofficial, I suppose, since it is written n a scrap of paper, with torn edges. To make it easier to ignore? Or toss?) early last year. Stuck up on the edge of a shelf in the kitchen - a very obvious place where I would frequently see it and be reminded of 'to do' list.

It's still right there. I am (marginally) better organized, due to having sorted through a pile of papers getting tax prep. done. It appears I am much better at eliminating clutter in Other People's lives than my own. Having no problem what-so-ever donating to the thrift shop if it is not my stuff we are talking about parting with. Like golf clubs and shoes that have not been used in nearly twenty years.

But the New Improved Resolution is to be deliberate about having lunch with friends in the coming months. My plan is to meet various people I know and enjoy at least once a week, and share a meal together. But eating is not the best part. These will all be people that make me laugh. Maybe folks with a positive joyful outlook that can always see the bright side of every situation. Or friends with a off-beat sense of humor, possibly a bit towards The Dark Side, but amusing in their oddball take on life. Perhaps someone I have not seen in a while, and would like to meet for eats and chat.  What a friend from church calls 'doing life together'.  If you are ready to be put on my calendar for a lunch date ,prepared with funny stories, tales of amusement, Youtube videos, give a call!

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