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when I had lunch...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016
...with a friend I call occasionally to say: where do you want to meet? While we were eating, she said:

This elderly couple were sitting out on the back porch in the swing he had installed for her many years ago. Just sitting, enjoying the sun setting at the end of the day, listening to the sounds of the world settling down for the night. She said to him: 'Do you remember when you used to put your arm around me while we would sit here in the swing in the evening?" So he scooted over enough to put his arm around her shoulders.

They sat in the swing for a bit more, enjoying the peace at the end of a busy day. And she said to him: "Do you remember when you used to hold my hand when we would sit out here on the porch and swing together?" So he reached over and took her hand. They kept swinging in the growing dusk of the night fall.

Then she said: "Do you remember when you used to hold me close, and nibble on  my ear?" And he said, "Yes I do, but I will have to go in the house and get my teeth".

All those people in the restaurant were probably wondering what we had been drinking, there in the middle of the day, sitting over in the corner, laughing uproariously.

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