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two projects...

Saturday, November 5, 2016
... that were in need of attention when I had the day off on Thursday. One was accomplished, the other not so much. You know how you feel as if you just looked the other way, and when you turn your head back around: clutter everywhere? It mysteriously accumulates when you fail to give your undivided attention. All the helpful hints want us to sort the mail when we walk in the door, and deliberately assign specific resting places for everything: car keys, hats, utility bags, tools. Good idea. Poorly implemented.

The space in my kitchen, designed as a desk, was piled up with clutter. I'd go to work, come home dragging my tail feathers, and add more to the assortment. Or leave the flotsam in my car, that often seems to serve the same purpose as a turtle's shell: portable housing. I'd been to the library book sale recently, purchasing a pile of used children's books for fifty cents each - with plans to wrap and mail to little people in my life. That was a big part of the mess - along with considerable set-aside mail, newspapers in need of reading, receipts, misc. and etc.

It looks quite tidy now: I moved all the clutter from my car into the house, sorted, trashed, filed. And then: moved some of it back into my car. The books are in padded envelopes, where I put them on Thursday afternoon to take to the post office. They did not get there. Still in my car. They are well traveled: been to Decatur, and South Carolina, and back to Decatur. Before finally, actually getting to the USPS today for delivery to VA and MT.

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