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Sunday, November 13, 2016
...in the work place. He told a story about being banned from an online game he plays, not allowed to participate for a week when someone discovered he had hacked the system. He claimed he had not cheated, but did it just to prove he could. I figured he would be my' go-to' guy for computer problems. And he is.

A couple of questions he has been able to solve as a result of me telling him what the problem is, and he would say: when that happens to me, I just x-y-z. So I wrote it down, took my note home, and applied some  of the recommended 'xyz' that to the best of my limited understanding was miraculous. Going to show how very little I actually understand.

I thought there must be someway to get on the internet (in a place where One Actually Has Internet) without having to plug in to the wall. So I asked, when I plugged in yesterday, sneaking around at work. He apparently got it going. While muttering about how much he hates Windows 8, but poking around, punching buttons and bypassing things. Allowing to get me to the point that I don't have to plug in just to soothe my blog urge.

He commented that without internet they are pretty useless. I had not thought about this: but with no wi-fi or connecting, what's the point? Nothing, I suppose.

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