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traveling north...

Saturday, November 5, 2016
...from western most GA to the City on Thursday. As a result of finding myself with a couple of days off from work and time on my hands: no reason not to stay in  motion. I called my pen pal who lives up in Greenville, early in the week, to ask about coming up to visit on Friday. He agreed. Which allowed me to start planning my weekend: driving all over the state.

I continue to do this (mostly pointless) tutoring job on Thursday afternoons, going out to a huge church in a very rural area, that has an after school/daycare program. My 'student' is a second grade girl, who already knows it all, so it provides me with an excellent opportunity to practice my patience. Last week she claimed to have no homework, so we read books instead. This week we did some math problems, likely more challenging to my non-math brain than her. I never can remember those little sideways 'v' things: which means more than and which means less than?  Then practicing spelling words for Friday's test.

I was packed, and loaded, ready to head out for Decatur when we finished at 5:00. Off on an excursion along country roads, traveling amongst the falling leaves of deciduous trees, aiming towards the interstate. Traffic had thinned before I got to ATL, and into town to spend the night in Decatur.

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