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chicken story, part 3....

Friday, November 11, 2016
...the rescued hens went to a house with little kids who were so stunned, excited, profoundly delighted to see the frightened, confused fowl, the little people immediately named one of the birds 'Heaven'. Along with three traumatized chickens, the rescuer took a large dog crate for them to stay in at night, go to roost and have a safe haven. And a bag of feed from the farm store. So the photos you are seeing that just got posted on part 1 and 2, are of the backyard where the chickens found a safe haven from the frat. house.

In a home with one nearly-teenager and two other small boys that were completely fascinated by the sudden appearance of chickens. Equally amazed that one of the birds produced an fresh egg, for them to argue over at breakfast. Sadly, the house is also home to a (mostly harmless) German Shepherd, who is an excellent watch dog. Keeping the yard safe from invasive critters like possums and raccoons.

The dog has already had an encounter with the hens, causing one to demise. Hopefully there will be some way for the remaining two fowl to be safe. And people to teach the large, loud, but generally friendly canine how to co-exist with bird-brains. The dog understandably thinks his job is to protect his people, keep all the other animals away from his family. And the chickens are certainly not very bright, but I do hope they will learn to get along before more feathered friends depart this world.

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