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happy day commemorating all those who served...

Friday, November 11, 2016
...which causes me to think about my dad today. He was not the kind of guy who would be receptive to anyone making a' big deal' over him. So if he had been approached by someone who wanted to decorate with bunting, he would have declined. If asked to ride in the parade and wave, he probably would have demurred. Or been requested to go to schools and make a talk about his service, I don't think he would have felt like what he did was 'special' in a way anyone would want to hear about.

He never talked to me about his service. I did not know from him about his time in the Army, first as a lieutenant when commissioned upon graduation from UGA, and later during the war in Europe, when he was promoted to Captain during WW II. Post-war, he joined the National Guard, in the small south Georgia where he lived, taking a reduction in rank, eventually being promoted to the commander of the local Guard unit. He served for years in the Reserves, going to training and making himself available for emergency deployment as needed with FEMA. Eventually gaining the rank of Lt. Col. before retirement, and some excellent benefits.

Just thinking about my dad...

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