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back in 'ye olden times'...

Friday, November 18, 2016
...when I was an ignorant (as opposed to stupid: ignorant meaning poorly informed or untutored) teenager, if I remember correctly every female was required to take a class in Home Economics. I had a very strict, highly capable, really good teacher. I found myself so enamoured of all things domestic things that I took the next class the following year and the next one too: eventually being nominated and receiving: (do not laugh!) Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year award. A little pin, that I still have, along with a long gone certificate. All this in preface to report one of the things I still remember from that class. The teacher would say, when providing instruction for a project she knew fourteen year old would find fear- and trepidation-inducing: 'for a new experience'... try this x, or y or z.

So 'for a new experience' yesterday, while I was in Chattanooga visiting with P., I went along when she was going to a visit a neighbor, sewing machine in tow. For them to figure out how to make a veil to wear when she gets married in a couple of weeks. One of the joys of googling, the friend found one she really liked, plain, simple, high-priced that she thought could easily be duplicated with $17 worth of materials, vs. $279 for the designer original.

The bride-to-be had purchased yards of a very light weight (ie: flimsy) tulle and a metal comb to attach to her hair, plus some gold thread as that was what was in the 279 dollar version, edging the finger tip length veil. P. finally figured out how to apply the gold thread to edge the elongated oval we cut from the swath of tulle, after several practice attempts. No one wanted to guess at how to attach it to the comb, so I said 'give me the needle and thread' to stitch it onto the comb, which would gather the end there on the back of her head, allowing it to drape down the back of her gorgeous dress.

They plan to be married on a float in a parade in downtown Chattanooga. That should be memorable.

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