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the one time it didn't work...

Monday, November 14, 2016
...when I was using my phone for an alarm clock to wake me up for getting to work on time. I occasionally will forget that in addition to putting the wake up time in, I also need to change the 'pm' to 'am'. Why it always reverts to pm as a default I cannot say, but it has got me into trouble more than once. Most recently over the weekend....

I had set the alarm on Sat. to wake me on Sunday, so I could get up and be at work at six a.m. My brain is still somewhat scrambled from the time change. I've been waking up at odd  hours thinking it is time to get up and go to work, then look at the digital clock across the room and see: 1:43, or 3:07. Turn over and hope to go back to sleep. Which I did in the wee hours on Sunday, waking about 3'something-or-other and turning over. The next time I woke up it was: holy cow! 5:48.  I jumped up and put on my clothes, dashed out the door without brushing my teeth and roared out the driveway.

It's still unbelievable that I was punching my employee number into the clock at 5:59. I have discovered if I manage to hit all the traffic lights from here to there green I can actually make it to work in about five minutes. But to go from sound asleep to on the job in eleven minutes is astounding. I am still amazed. I never, ever get to work late - might not get anywhere else on time, but I am on time for work. Still - from the bed to the time clock in eleven  minutes? Wow!

You can be certain I will be checking to be sure the clock knows I mean to have the alarm go off in the AM in the future.

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