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still trying to connect...

Friday, November 11, 2016
...with friends, family, spammers, the universe. But still no internet at my house. Arggghhh. I was so desperate I went to the church to borrow wi-fi twice one day this week. After chasing my tail for much too long, trying to figure out how, why, where to get on line. The lesson I should be learning from this is to take a deeeeeep breath, calm down, remember: It Is All Small Stuff. Sadly the operative word here is 'should', so I'm still aggravated, frustrated, irritated and highly annoyed.

He attempted to employ the new device, with what may be marginal success. Meaning the electronics he enjoys are not impaired in the least. Even though he was bamboozled by the instructions, and failed to successfully install the new modem, he is apparently content with all the nine hundred and ninety nine channels he continues to access on the wide-screen that glares and blares into the night.While I still do not have the convenience of readily accessing what I am so accustomed to on my little laptop.

In an effort to be in touch, I went to the church twice on Tuesday. Good thing I did grab some of that stuff that is floating out in the ionosphere: I had offered to do a patient transport for the American Cancer Society. Where I found a response from the drive coordinators saying I needed to get a man to treatment at 11:00. It was about ten a.m. when I finally got access to emails, to discover I should already be on the way to his  house 'way down on the south side of town. It all worked out, but I spent the whole day running around town, and got home to: no internet.

I will periodically be available to help an individual get to a doctor office visit, or a treatment appointment at the local cancer center. Depending on random work days and  hours. The notices are sent out to a number of drivers, most of whom I assume are retired or self employed with schedules much more flexible than what I live with. I want to believe most patients in need of travel assistance get the rides they need. I feel like I am not much help, due to not knowing more than seven or eight days in advance when I will be at work. But it is a way to be helpful to those in need. And I do like to be useful.

I enjoy doing it, and enjoy feeling that I am able to do some small thing to help a person who is struggling with what can appear to be insurmountable. Feeling like all the complications of health issues have become a huge millstone weighing them down on a daily basis. Worrying about physical problems, and then worrying about how to get to a medical appointment on top of bodily aches and pains. There are not many days that go by that I am not reminded to be thankful for reliable transportation and the resources to put gas in it every week.

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