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the man who...

Tuesday, November 8, 2016
...lives at my house has tore up the Internet. I am not at all tech. proficient, and willingly, readily admit to having no skills with any sort of electronics what-so-ever. When he thought he would man-handle the 'lost phone' episode, I knew it would result in me getting a cell phone that was far and away above my pay grade. I was so happy to find mine again, and eliminate the stress of one that would ring and I would not know what to do to answer...

Amusingly enough, he warned me several weeks ago that our cable service was sending him a package he had not ordered, did not want, would not accept. So I was prepared to tell the delivery person,whether USPS or UPS to 'return to Sender'. But it came one afternoon when he was home, and the very large carton was left by the door for anyone to discover, When I came in from work and told him his box had arrived, he said it was actually wanted as it was a new 'router'. Whatever that means.

He has spent the better part of a week trying to install this gizmo. I did not care if it messed up his computer, but thoroughly annoyed to discover I am the one who cannot connect. He claims I could use his electronics if I wanted, but I don't. Mostly due to being that 'math impaired' person who cannot remember any of the secret passwords that are necessary for access.

I have been desperate to communicate with the world, check messages and share my feelings of my words being held captive. I feel like the blog has been held hostage. A critical need to type and be wordy with no way to express myself.

He has been mumbling and muttering to himself, going from room to room gnashing his teeth for several days. Got so desperate he even called customer service, but as you might expect, ended up with someone he could  not understand. A rep. who was ESOL, and that, combined with his hearing impairment, caused him to be even more frustrated and aggravated. Knowing how he has felt bamboozled by this electronic device has caused me to try to keep my mouth shut. But typing is a different matter entirely....

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