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Saturday, November 5, 2016

...by my favorite bad influence. I told her some time ago that she could lead me astray quicker than anyone else in my life, which she apparently took as a challenge. Nothing really major, but plenty of minor things: like chocolate, iced coffee that seems to be mostly cream and chocolate milk. Various and sundry meals that start with heavy cream.

There was a bag of candy corn. Forced upon me when I left Decatur to drive back to Columbus this afternoon. I looked at it several times on the ride, (apparently not smart enough to put it out of reach), but refused to open it and spend that ninety minutes digging into something that was surely nothing but sugar. Held out until I got to town, but then my will power seemed to evaporate.

As I opened the bag - just to do some quality control - I thought to myself: 'this stuff probably has some form of sugar listed as the first three ingredients'. When I got home and looked at the packaging: literally sugar, sugar and sugar. The printed info. on the front of the bag wants to make you think there is some nutrition in there by announcing it is Made With Real Honey. Hooey.

The list of ingredients, where the FDA requires they be noted in order of quantity of each item starts with sugar. The next is corn syrup, and the third listed in order of amount that is in the product is confectioner's glaze (shellac). Salt, Dextrose (another form of sugar), gelatin, sesame oil, flavor, then honey (meaning about two drops) and various colorings. So yeah: sugar sugar and sugar, about the same as eating a big pile of candy cotton - which is actually on my list of things I hope I never put in my mouth again. Why am I eating this stuff? I need to go put it in the trash can riiiight now! As soon as I eat a few  more....

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