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still hoping to connect....

Sunday, November 13, 2016
...eventually from the house. But it appears that will not happen in the near future. The 'take charge' guy seems to have been attacked by a serious inertia bug.  Apparently when he gets settled and (sadly) complacent in the big comfy recliner, it is not likely he will hear the cries of desperation from the other end of the house by the person who suffers from disconnect. Guess the hearing aids need fresh batteries?

I went to visit a friend on Friday morning, and pirated internet for five hours. She lives in a big multi-level retirement center, and is likely the youngest person in the building. I asked if I could come by and plug in, she assured me is would be acceptable. In a big meeting room the facility uses for games, parties, special events, with tables and chairs set up for residents to gather.

I was so itchy to tell stories, gripe about home situation, check e-mail, spill the beans for all the universe, I got there about 7:30, partially due to a frazzled brain from dropping Daylight Savings Time - which is still affecting my internal clock. Checking and responding to messages, telling the funny chicken story, and chatting with passersby.

Some teenagers came in, expecting to play board games with the seniors. I thought that was sort of strange until I remembered that schools were closed, plus it was veteran's day. Now I assume they were planning to talk, ask questions of the elders, especially the ones who had been in the military.

And a woman who apparently comes on a regular basis to market her cosmetics. She was dressed to the nines, as you would expect someone who makes a living by promoting attractiveness. Along with a perfectly assembled face, and a table full of pots and potions she could persuade you would preserve your skin for a hundred years.

It got sort of chaotic there in the meeting room, but I was so itchy, determined to get my fill of stolen internet I spent the whole morning. It was after noon before I left, realizing I never ate breakfast. I did get caught up... but the thing is: it never lasts. Sort of like a tasty bite of chocolate, when you thought  only one piece would be enough to satisfy.

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