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trying to connect...

Tuesday, November 8, 2016
...with the world. I had the last session of tutoring with pre-K students today. Took my little computer with me, hoping they would let me connect there in the media center of the elementary school. But, as I had expected, without a employee number to log in, using that service that my tax dollars pay for was not an option.

The staff there at the school suggested I go to the public library, just down the street. Or MacDonalds fast food store. Nothing worked. They made me leave the library saying it was only open for voting. And I could not get hooked up at Mickey-D's.

I was pretty desperate to get emails, as I had offered to deliver a patient to the cancer treatment center, and did not know if I actually needed to provide the ride. I knew his appt. was on Tuesday, but had no way to check, know for sure if he was depending on me or not. Worried I was supposed to be at his house to help him get to treatment, and not knowing if or when.

I finally thought: Go To The Church. Which is where I am now. For the second time today. Borrowing the internet. Getting all this wordiness out of my system. Hopefully the end is in sight, and the Mediacom guy who is supposed to come to the house on Wednesday will show up and solve our problem. Probably something so simple, we will say: arrgggghhh.

He did need a ride, and I did get him there in time. But the appt. took at least an hour longer than I had expected, so I have pretty much devoted my day to other people, between driving the man, and going to do the weekly shopping for the church at Sam's Club.  Plus I went to vote - which is a sad, sordid tale for another day...Is it took late for the South to attempt Independence again?

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