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then going northeast to SC...

Saturday, November 5, 2016
...which happened early on Friday morning. I know it is crazy, but have been doing it for so long, this odd behavior, it no longer seems bizarre. Getting up really early to leave home. When I had small children, and plans to travel, I would put them in the car before daybreak and drive for hours while they slept, hoping to arrive at our destination before they got fully awake and started the 'are we there yet?' song.

Friday was the trip to SC, with me thinking I could get out of town before everyone else, all six million commuters, got up and clogging the streets. It actually worked fairly well, when you factor in my desire to go in the opposite direction of those other folk who were heading into work when my little Toyota was leaving for the border. It's about a two hour drive, but I can turn it into a four hour excursion.

Upon my arrival at his house, he was MIA. With a note on the door saying he was at the doctor's office. I must have had a premonition, as I had my library book with me, so sat on the porch and waited. He had to get an x-ray done of his chest, after a diagnosis of possible pneumonia, so we went to radiology, (me with my book to sit and wait), then to lunch. Went to K-Mart to get his Rx filled and went back to the house to visit a bit.

Mr. Homer kept apologizing for all the unexpected things he had to do. I said I just came to see  him, and we would do whatever needed his attention together.  We had togetherness, talked about families and scrupulously avoided discussing politics. I left there at 3, headed back to ATL.

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