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Chicken story, part 2...

Friday, November 11, 2016

...allows them to mostly have a happy ending. The first one she found belonged to a guy who thought it would make a good pet. He had already given it a name: Hennifer. First step towards domestication? She asked if he would sell the chicken. He said he wanted to keep it, even though he was offered cash. Her response: "You have to build a coop for it, which will be expensive. They sh*t everywhere. You can keep the chicken or you can take my money and buy some beer." He immediately turned over the chicken. Which she put in her carton, where I presume it felt safe enough to go to sleep.

But there were more birds out there in need of rescue. She found two more, on the property of a frat. house, where there were several guys industriously hammering together a pen for the two fowl they had. She came along with another box and a carton of ice-cream sandwiches and offered to swap. They surrendered the chickens, which she put in her box, closed the lid and departed. Securing a total of three.

A parent of one of the frat. boys apparently took two of the chickens home before they became orphans. Hopefully, to a place with other farm animals, and plenty of space for fowl to enjoy scratching and pecking. Now all five of the ladies are accounted for, in a place where they will be appreciated for the habits of laying hens, safe from juvenile frat. boys, vehicles, and predators.

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