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it only hurts when...

Thursday, November 3, 2016
... I try to get someplace besides where I am.

My foot was giving me some vague problems when I was at work on Wednesday. Bothering me enough that I thought to call for an appointment to see the foot doc. when I got home and could look at the calendar. For us to agree upon a date when they made me an offer about when to come in.

Lo and behold: that scheduler asked if I wanted to come in on Thursday morning at 8:45 a.m. I was completely unprepared to get there that soon. Hemming and hawing for a few minutes and fudging around, I finally said yes. Thoroughly not expecting to be offered the opportunity to present m weary feets within less than twenty four hours of making the call.

After agreeing that 'yes' I could get my person there bright and early on Thurs., I went out to do some watering of all the things that are panting and perishing in my yard during this months long drought. As I was walking out the door, and across the carport, I heard a small 'pop' that seemed to come from the general vicinity of my right extremity. The next step was extremely painful. Causing me to say out loud: 'I think I just broke my dang foot'.

I hopped and hobbled around for the rest of the day. Putting ice on it for a couple of hours last night, and trying to sleep with it propped up on a couple of pillows overnight. Which means I did not sleep very well. Getting up early to shower, and make myself presentable for that early a.m. appt.

Needless to say, I sat there in the cubicle for the better part of an hour. They took three x-rays of my foot. When the dr. came in, he said: "You have a stress fracture of the metatarsal". We talked a while and tried to suss out what had caused it, why it might have occurred. Who knows? Not me!

I have a boot with a bunch of velcro fasteners I am to wear to stabilize and support. The boot will help with keeping those tendons or ligaments, supporting things from flexing so much, to give the bone time to heal. I will get very tired of telling my story to everyone who sees me and asks: 'what happened to your foot?', but will try not to bite anyone's head off, but instead will refer them to the story on the blog.

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