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it's such a treat...

Thursday, November 17, 2016
...to have a day when you get to do only things you want, without the encumbrance of being employed, or a 'to do' list of necessities. I had one of those days on Wednesday. Having put in enough hours that work was not an option (in only four days of being on the job), it was a pleasant day of being able to do things enjoyable.

Sweet, smart, charming friends who are fellow gardening/planting lovers decided to have a little 'hail and farewell' party to bemoan the end of the growing season in middle Georgia. The one who has a tiny little yard that always looks like an oasis was the hostess.  Enclosed by a brick wall on two sides, and immaculately tidy, making one think of "The Secret Garden", after it was lovingly restored. The other friend, who loves to cook, hostess, share her kitchen skills (formerly a catering business owner) did the yummy eats.

 On a beauty-filled fall day, with every little leaf  perfectly groomed, and minuscule lawn perfectly barber'ed. Coffee or delicious chai tea, and a tasty assortment of finger foods that were so very tempting, I struggled to resist. What was that line, from I think, one of the 'Star Wars' movies? "Resistance is futile..."

Then I met another friend for lunch at a little restaurant I had never patronized before. She said she could not go anyplace they prepared 'commercial' chicken. I put on my seldom worn' 'politeness hat' and did not inquire for details, but presume it is not inappropriate to ask where the fowl originate? It was run by a Thai family, an enjoyable meal and pleasant visit. Amazingly good chicken broth soup, and plate of stir fried rice and veggies. I was tempted to ask for a box for the generous serving I could not consume, but wearing that same 'hat', left half my lunch there on the plate.

Then I got in my car and drove to Tennessee .Motoring up through the north Georgia hills on highway 27, enjoying beautiful sunshine, and color-filled landscape, much fall foliage still visible in distance. To spend the night and day with one of  my favorite people. Arriving in the near dark, sat in her driveway to await her return from work. Not knowing the spouse was already in the house, busily tending a sink full of dirty dishes. I know he wants us to comment, report how delighted we are that he is so domesticated, willing to 'help out'. But really? Guys - you are perfectly capable of doing that stuff. NO one says thank you to me when I do the dishes, or laundry, or kitchen floor.

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