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about that amusing hat...

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
... that I would rent out if you can think of an appropriate place to wear it? It gets tiresome after a while, though not particularly weighty. Just awkward, going in and out of doors, plus not like some of the little feather-weight things your grandma wore when she went out with a tiny little veil that was no more than a  bit of fluff on top of her head.

It's really not all that heavy, considering size. But for someone who is unaccustomed to having such a large object sitting upon one's head, it takes some getting used to. Also takes some adjustment for any one you may encounter who would not be expecting such a remarkable display of noticeable headgear.

It is available for rent. Comes with a small light on the interior that glows attractively in the dark, to make the butterflies look even more festive. I would be really interested to know that there is another person on the planet who can think of some event where it might be appropriate to appear in such eye-catching garb.

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