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Friday, November 18, 2016
...enough to fill up the entire back seat of my car. Two red ice chests, that could have been full of any number of interesting things. All sorts of contraband, or illicit materials.  Driving back to middle GA from TN today. Even though I had no desire to get pulled over by the blue lights for an all out search of my vehicle - I was still somewhat crestfallen to arrive home without being questioned. No one stopped to inquire, poke around in the back seat, or asked me to 'please step away from the vehicle'.

I could have been hauling moonshine, or puppies. Not a single inquiry, or even flagged down. I guess I just look too mild-mannered, innocent, a most unlikely suspect. Two big plastic ice chests occupying the back seat, and no one was even remotely curious. I could have been an ax murderer, hauling body parts for disposal. But, No. Not me. All those officials with the blue lights looking for miscreants never thought I could be one of those... guess I just don't fit the profile? Bustling along in my little nondescript dirty toyota, head down, driving four miles over the speed limit.

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