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student's desk...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
...for sale on Craig's List, as well as here.
I won't tell how it came to my house. Will admit there might have been some degree of subterfuge but unwilling to provide details. Which of course, makes you all the more curious, right? I was really surprised to find it would fit in the back of car, which tells you it will be fairly easy to transport when you come to get it. Cheap at any price, right?

But it has been sitting in the carport for a couple of years, while being advertised for anyone who might peruse that option. It's nothing great, as it is made of particle board and covered with the wood-grain contact paper. So basically made of sawdust and glue. But a great little study desk to go in a corner of a student's bedroom, to encourage good study habits and help some young person get organized.

I try to remember to update and renew the posting once a month, so the photos don't disappear when the listing 'expires' on Craigs' but occasionally don't get that done in a timely manner. So the pictures fell off, and tech support was needed to get more pix. taken to add to the listing. Not much interest generated when the description does not show what is being offered, so it still sits in the carport.

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