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dog sitting...

Saturday, June 17, 2017
...has not happened lately around here. But it will be ongoing until next Saturday. A friend is out of town and brought her TWO canines over for us to mind until her return. I sadly confess to having accidently volunteered to take care of her 'family' when she told me about going on an excursion with her brother and sister. She left town on Friday to fly to Boston and meet up with them, get on a big boat and travel to hmmm.... some exotic locale. I forget where  - an island with lots of sun and high prices.

I've kept one of her dogs several times in the past, the fuzzy one. While she would travel with the other to visit friends on the Florida coast where bringing in two dogs made one too many. I am hoping this will be similar to having small children underfoot - two will not much more trouble to care for than just one? There are pretty sedentary, always willing to trot back in the house and take a nap after being invited to go out to take care of business. And invariably expect a treat when they come back inside.

The one I had come for a sleepover on several occasions is a rescue. She will stand on her back legs and turn in a circle when you ask her, before the treat. Which shows someone took the time to teach her before she ended up in a shelter. I guess when you take on other people's rejects, there are always lots of things you will never know, wonder about?

These two are pretty low maintenance, easy care. Just take them out in the yard now and then, put out water, and feed them in the afternoon. I hope we don't have any problems before the owner returns from her vacation with siblings, but had her leave the vet's name just in case.

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