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it appears that...

Saturday, June 10, 2017
... all my volunteering obligations for the month might be filled, and we are not even half-way to the end. I spent all day yesterday with the Girl Scouts, and about six hours today helping with a basket workshop at Callaway Gardens. My volunteer time at Callaway is very sporadic: when I notice some event in the monthly newsletter that catch my eye/fancy I will immediately offer myself to be put down on the list, as a worker bee.

Proceed to make a note on my calendar about availablity in order to ask for the time off from work. And often forget the specifics of what I have agreed to do. Meaning I will be contacting the volunteer coordinator to ask what my job is on a given date. Which is not such a bad, hopeless thing any more - especially after the last time I made the drive only to find the event had been cancelled due to lack of interest. Pretty sad that the volunteer made an appearance and no one had signed up to participate - but I was not notified, huh?

The workshop today was basket making. It was really interesting. Made me want to sit down and get crafty. But I was able to control myself instead of snatching a basket out of someone's hands and taking over. The basket had a base that was about 12x6, and sides about 8 inches high. Little loop handles of bamboo on either end. It was called a 'sock basket' but I could think of all kinds of things to use it for. One participant said she planned keep hers out on the kitchen counter to use for her husband's instant oatmeal packets.

In reading the class description, I found that volunteers can take the class at a discount. Yay for me. The basket instructor comes from Florida about once a month to teach a class, different type, size basket each time. I wish I had been in the class last month when they made a market basket: just the right size for taking a chess pie to a pot luck dinner. Maybe I will make sign up when that particular one comes around again next year. Yep, I need more stuff in my life...

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