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need to share...

Monday, June 5, 2017
... the latest developments with the auntie. She does not seem to be very accepting of her situation. Most caregivers who work in residential facilities will tell you 'it takes time'. In all likelihood your family member is admitted under duress, usually not willingly accepting the changes in their circumstances that cause them to relocate. This particular situation is no different in that respect.

She has been unhappy with her life at home for some time, desperately calling anyone she had a number for, seeking help. Asking people to come and find her, as she was not at home, was lost, or had been  moved and she did not know where she was: all from the home phone. I got calls saying she was someplace in middle Georgia and needed someone to come and get her. My brother said he got calls reporting she had been  moved into a new house that looked very much like the old one (right down to the same identical street address!), but could not tell him where she was. My cousin said she thought she was vacationing in Tallahassee and would be returning home the next day.

Miserable when left at home alone, fearful and frightened, scared to be by herself. But completely unwilling to consider options when someone would suggest she might be more content if she would go to assisted living. The plan came together, with little effort on my part, and she was relocated last Wednesday. I thought giving her time to 'adjust' would allow her to become more familiar and content with the environment, where there is always some one around. A friendly staffer to comfort and console, provide support and conversation. That has not come to pass, as she continued to be agitated, frustrated, angry, vocal, resentful, abusive to the staff.  Sadly unable to be reconciled to a change in her situation that she could not control.

The director suggested we send her to another temporary location that would evaluate her, hopefully moderate her agitation, anxiety and possibly stabilize her mental decline. That sounds like an excellent idea, that she would never agree to. But not that she is not the decider, she does not have to actually give permission. In fact, she does not have a choice. The bad news is that we have to get her there, as there is no other transportation.

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