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need to share, part 3...

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
...the list of things I need/want/hope to get accomplished today. In about three hours, meaning basically impossible, but like most everything in life, it is a work in progress. Don't we all make lists that are unending, in a effort to feel like we have been productive? And get to the point that you have actually scratched so many extra notes/reminders, it is unintelligible, or needs to be transferred to get a fresh start on a clean sheet?

I do not expect to get it all done before starting north on my drive back to west GA, but am already making progress. Which came to a complete halt with the library opened and I could get in to plug in to the public wifi and relieve some anxiety by sharing my stress with the universe. I do love making lists, to be able to mark things off and feel it has been a fruitful day.

Cancel newspaper subscription
Cancel cable service
Change telephone service
Change mailing address with USPS
Check to see if she even filed taxes for 2016
Check about dead car battery
Check about unworkable dead bolt on front door
Check about driver's license/photo ID
Check for health insurance cards
Check with financial advisor/investments

And a gazillion other details, like empty the refrigerator of perishables ... on and on and on...

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