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another travel report...

Saturday, June 3, 2017
... about visiting my brother and wife in eastern VA. We went to a Greek Festival in Richmond on Friday mostly just to see what we were missing. A variety of vendors providing a wide assortment of traditional Greek foods. It was not so much a 'festival' as an opportunity to stand in line and wait to get gyros. I decided it was not worth the line, so went to another booth that was selling desserts. Mama didn't raise no fool.

As you might imagine at a fund-raiser event everything was overpriced: bottle of water was $2. The little clear plastic clamshell container that held five different sweets was $10. By the time I had tasted all five, not even eating any in entirety, I was bummed out on too much sugar. and did not care at all about getting any real food. Plus there was that long line...

There was a large stage set up for entertainment. As we passed by, a group dressed in traditional garb was dancing, accompanied by live musicians, and a man singing, apparently in Greek. A number of vendors set up in the gym of the church with individuals selling jewelry, soaps and lotions, clothing, Pampered Chef kitchen ware, screen printed T's, leggings and tops, replacement windows.

My brother had a gyro, saying he had been to get lunch in years past when he and a group would come from their workplace. Likely standing in line for most of their lunch hour. The organizers did have a number of big canopies with tables and chairs set up for people to eat and visit. And barricades blocking off streets, where one group was cooking, making carryout for 'drive thru' customers. It was interesting. I don't need to go back.

They got me back to the airport and I caught my flight. Uneventful return to ATL, and driving home. Where I had to get up and be at work at 6 am today. I've had a nap, so starting to feel human again.

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