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it has been weeks...

Friday, June 16, 2017
...since I have volunteered to be the driver for taking patients to their appointments at the cancer treatment center. Seems like there have been lots of conflicts, mostly on my end. A full calendar causing me to be unable to help people that were in need of transportation. Today I picked up an older woman who had an appointment at the John B. Amos Cancer Center here. She was to be there at 2:00. I had not been in the area of town where she lives, unfamiliar with street and building names,  so called yesterday to get more info. about where to pick her up.

It was after one o'clock before I could get away from work, so just went on into the neighborhood where she lives. Found her address, and sat in the car, reading my book until she came out of her apartment. We got there in plenty of time, and I told her I would just wait in the lobby with my book while she was getting her treatment, a dose of chemotherapy, I assume. Not nearly nosy or ill-bred/impolite enough to be inquiring what her problem was and how the recommended solution would be given. She was done in about thirty minutes, came out and I took her back home. Uneventful...

Except for the part that makes me Very Thankful for health. As well as reliable transportation, and good health insurance that would hopefully take care of me when my when body parts start going bad. As we were all designed to do as part of the aging process. And thankful for home, a place to go where there are not hundreds of other people in close proximity. In a quiet peaceful setting with grass, trees, open space, solitude as needed, no people underfoot that you would hear bumping and thumping on the other side of a sheet rock wall. Plenty of space to get away from people who are noisy sleepers, and no living in cramped quarters in a small efficiency-type space.

But especially health. Something we tend to take for granted until some occurrence that causes us to realize it is not a 'given'. When we have occasion to be aware that other people have chronic problems and struggle with getting the medical care they need. Then perpetually scramble to pay for what the providers bill them for. Really thankful for basic necessities: shelter, safety, clean potable/plentious water - and health insurance.

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