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girl scouting...

Friday, June 9, 2017
...today up in Harris County. I am going on the scout van with about a dozen girls to a riding facility about thirty minutes north. There is a horse farm that is primarily used as a therapy program to assist handicapped people in developing basic skills. The person from the local scout office, D., who is responsible for out door events, persuaded the Good Shepherd Riding Academy to take a group girls for a week.

They are learning basic equine care as well as doing some trail riding under close supervision. Originally the plan was for two weeks, but the response by girls was so sparse, she convinced the few who wanted to attend the second week to combine, so there is only one week of horse camp. Fortunately, I am not actually responsible for anything, and hope my primary job will be 'herding', keeping everyone on track as they go through the day.

When I volunteered months ago, I signed up for Monday, but as you know, life gets complicated. I had two swap my day with someone who was more available, when I found I would need to be in Valdosta a couple of days. It all worked out. I am not jumping-up-and-down excited about being out in the heat and bugs all day, but will go and do my part. I am sure the girls have had a good week, and learned much about the care and feeding of very large animals that will step on your toe without apology.

It should be interesting. I have packed my lunch, filled my water bottle, coated arms, legs, neck, face with sunscreen and stuff to keep bugs from biting. As ready as I can get!

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