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about the auntie...

Saturday, June 3, 2017
.. and her relocation. She is not adapting well. Barking and growling at all the staff when they make efforts to accommodate, try to reason with her. Using words we did not know she had in her vocabulary. It has been up and down since she arrived against her will on Wednesday.

A cousin is there, having flown into Jacksonville and rented a car. He was planning to stay the weekend, but soon found that she can try your very last shred of patience. Concluding that pacing yourself, and taking her obstreperous self in small doses is much more manageable. Making it easier to practice forbearance, not want to respond in kind.  At last report, as he has been inveigled to spend time with her, providing a distraction., he said she thinks they are in Tallahassee, FL, overnight, with plans to return home tomorrow.

I was hoping she might be more flexible, willing to accept her circumstances. She has been calling incessantly,  phoning to tell friends and family she is lost and alone and needs help. Which makes her family believe if she was someplace where there were people around all day and night, she would be more content. It was a good idea, and I continue to be hopeful that she will eventually settle into her new environment.

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