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the map didn't help...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
...when there were no highway signs posted on secondary roads. And when I got to a town, with lots of intersections, street signs, retail business declarations, advertising, gas prices at curbs stores, lots of confusing numbers everywhere. The funny part (after the U turn in the CVS parking lot) is where I made a guess, like a coin toss and said:'That one.'

Got a couple of miles down the highway, out of commercial district and into residential area, to where there were street name signs, and little else. Thinking there would be a highway number posted to reassure me I was headed in the right direction. Spotting what I hoped was sign with some  directional information, only to see it was the speed limit. 35 mph. Okey, dokey, keep going and hope for the best.

Another sign just ahead, white upright rectangle, that might let me know I am on the right track. Speed limit, 45 mph. Numbers, yes, but not the info. I needed. Keep at it, surely there will be a highway number posted at the next intersection, right? Yay! Oh, crap. Speed limit: 55 mph. I never did see a sign designed to let travelers know what highway they are on. But when I got to the next burg along the way, and the "Welcome to.." sign agreed with what was on my road map, I finally knew I was headed in the right way.

Allowing me a big sigh of relief, knowing I would not be back-tracking for miles. And giving me a good laugh - at all the numbers I had seen on all the signs - none of which provided the information I wanted at the time. Another interesting number that I noted was the price of gas at a convenience store, $1.93. I did stop there. Inserted my card and started pumping only to, after the fact, notice the small print on the big sign: cash. So I only bought two gallons at $2.05, and bustled  myself on down the road to where I remembered it was $1.95. Where I filled up and thumbed my nose. Safely home.

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