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need to share, part 2...

Monday, June 5, 2017
...wherein the cousin went along as part of the support team to get her into this temporary evaluation program. Located about thirty minutes north of Valdosta, in a small town, with an under-used wing of a community hospital that is designed expressly for assisting seniors. They accept elders and will do chemical evaluation, offer advice, and provide support for family members who are struggling to deal with aging relatives. It would have not happened today without the cousin being willing to go along: I would never have put her in the car with me and made the trip without his company.

She was not a happy camper when we left her there. But hopefully this will be the answer to a variety of problems. The usual stay is ten days to two weeks. Not expressly expecting a miracle, but hoping that she will be more tractable, agreeable, cooperative and accepting of people in her life who truly desire to help.

She admitted to being scared when we were going through the admitting process, and realized we would be leaving her there. Understandably fearful and frightened. I would, with the sense I have within my person, be anxious at the prospect of being left with strangers in a foreign place, so her feelings are completely within reason. I do hope she will settle down and be more amenable and malleable than what has occurred in the past week.

What I wonder about is how long she can resist, and if there are pharmaceuticals out there that can temper her obstinacy. Something that would allow her to be civil without side effects. Marvels of modern medicine, please.

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