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an anonymous person...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
...with whom I recently had conversation said something that was so amusing, I had to stop and write it down. Hoping I would find an opportunity to use it. Though I don't remember who said it, or the circumstances surrounding the event, it was hilarious. She turned around and spoke to someone who was providing unsolicited advice and said: "You need to take your wallet out of your pocket and put your 'two cents' right back where it came from." I was so entertained, I made her say it again so I could get it down on paper before it got away.

Reminding me of talking to one of the participants at the basket workshop last Saturday when I was a volunteer up at Callaway Gardens. I said something that she wanted to write down so she could ponder. A 'southernism' I have heard and said many times over the years, but she thought it so odd, I had to explain it to her. Referring to someone who 'would not hit a lick at a snake'. (I think I was talking about me and not doing crafty stuff, having learned how I start projects and don't follow through, so at least I have the discipline to not even start things that will lay around incomplete.) Her name was very middle eastern, something like Sudartha, and from appearance she looked Indian or Pakistani, so not 'local' in the sense of generations of southern upbringing and influence.

I explained how it was used in reference to lazy, people who were so indifferent they would not make the effort to pick up a stick to kill a snake when it was about to bite. She was very conversational, and had a good sense of humor, so it would be interesting to hear her when she found occasion to use that bit of southern-speak she picked up on Saturday. Her family will look at her like: 'what????'

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