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in an effort to...

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
demonstrate my willingness to tell tales on myself, I submit the following:

I have for years been that person who surreptitiously takes the dirty dish towels from the church kitchen home to wash and return. I will get them washed, occasionally bleached as well, and fold to take back to church when I have reason to go by. They often look like they have been used to clean the inside of the coffee pots and/or mop coffee spills up off the floor. Usually find a couple of really nasty ones that have a hand full of wet grounds wadded up in the soggy, stained towel. So in addition to washing, drying and returning, I will have to sweep the floor in my laundry room.

I washed the towels on Sunday afternoon before I left on Monday for a couple of days in south Georgia. I normally take the time to fold them when they come out of the dryer, but was pushed for time on Sunday. Doing many other things at the same time, getting organized to leave home early Monday, so I did not do the folding, but just tossed them in the plastic basket. When I got back home on Mon. evening, put them in my car to take back to the church kitchen when I did the weekly shopping for church staff at Sam's Club.

About three dozen terry cloth wipes along with several dish cloths. Got them out of my car this afternoon, to take into the kitchen at church, and wanted to fold before I put them back in the basket for 'clean'. When I got to the bottom of the pile of clean towels, there I found one pair of clean pink cotton underpants. I am very thankful I decided I should deliberately fold instead of just tossing the clean but wrinkled towels back into the basket to be reused. I certainly would not have claimed the 'item' at a later date...

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