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if you are...

Thursday, June 8, 2017
... like me, you will never run out of things to be thankful for. When I was driving (nearly 500 miles in two days - no wonder my brain is frazzled and sleep is disrupted - it feels like jet lag!), I find myself doing a lot of pondering. While listening to talking books or the radio if I should leave for a road trip not sufficiently prepared to check out Cd's of recorded literature.

Traveling anywhere in the US will probably give an opportunity to see various forms of homes. Always making me thankful for a stick built house, as opposed to 'manufactured'. A building that is relatively stable (barring tornadoes), and relatively safe, (barring people kicking in the door.) Warm in the winter and cool air blowing in the hot humid summer. Electricity for lights, water to wash my person, dishes, clothing as well as drink on a  moments notice.

Think of all the people and places in the world where this is not readily available. People gathering firewood to cook meals. Walking miles to get water that is not potable. Living in shelters made of sticks, or canvas, or tarps in refugee camps. Struggling to find the resources to feed hungry children. Let's be a little less inclined to take all the bounty of living in the Land of Opportunity for granted, shall we?

I am so grateful I do not live in a mobile home park, or some broken down, old, moldy, floor-sagging, second hand trailer. Here in the land of green grass, bright sunshine, birds happily singing in the trees, I am very thankful. Typing away on my little blog, with all the convenient electricity I need to hit: publish!

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