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when they were little...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
... one of the things I used to tell my kids, the ones who are now capable, interesting, fully functioning happy adults: "A sense of humor will get you through a lot of grief and heartache." Trying to make them understand that bad stuff happens to all of us, and having the ability to take that occasional trial and troublesome times with fortitude will make life easier. Hoping to instill the resources to bounce back from rough spots, by being willing to look at those problems as temporary and know that better things lie in the future. Not in a 'Pollyanna' sort of way, but having the willingness to accept those things we cannot change and know it is not permanent: persist and move forward.

I recently read a quote, that I failed to save. Meaning I cannot give it to you as it was written. But it goes something like: 'A sense of humor and common sense are pretty much the same thing, just moving at different speeds. The sense of humor is really just common sense dancing.' I have never been much of a dancer, since about the third grade, when my mom made me take tap classes.

No one else I knew was doing it. There was a recital, with black patent leather shoes, and black satin ribbons holding them on. I am sure there was a pink leotard and black sequins in the scenario at some point, as well as a blue net tu-tu. Probably something floppy on an elastic band around my head. Not a happy memory.

At any rate: when I think of that quote, poorly quoted, it gives me a picture in my head of someone joyfully dancing in a sunfilled meadow, with birds trilling and dust motes gleaming in the air. Lots of colorful wild flowers blooming profusely, and a sense of abandon and delight filling the scene. Sort of my definition of serendipity: surprised by joy.

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