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a reason to like...

Monday, June 19, 2017
...the man who currently occupies the Oval Office. Surprisingly I have found a reason to have good thoughts about what is going on with the political scene. Probably does not outweigh the awful, horrible, no good, very bad stuff that is going on every minute someone lets him hold a cell phone. But the news is actually not 100% scary.

Mike Pence. I don't know much about him, but he might be the saving grace. As far as I am concerned, possibly the only redeeming feature of the building, other than law enforcement personnel. And, I suppose, the people who have been working there for years, through one administration after another.

Pence was speaking at a commencement, which means everyone knew it would be a 'reach for the stars' sort of occasion. What he said was so.... wow. Thought-y. Memorable, though I doubt anyone was paying the very least amount of attention.

"Servant leadership, not selfish ambition must be the animating  force of the career that lies before you." Something that comes from his evangelical beliefs, but according to the article in the Time magazine from June 5, 2017, also appropriate to describe his job. Surprisingly, he is apparently the only person the president cannot fire. Even so, you can envision necessity for constantly being on guard.

He went on to say in his commencement speech to the graduates that they should not "fear criticism. Have the humility to listen to it. Learn from it. And  most importantly, push through it. Persistence is the key."

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